Where do I vote?

Vote YES GUHSD Override

GUHSD Students

Academic Excellence

Why are we having this Election?

Vote YES GUHSD Override

GUHSD is asking Voters to renew an existing budget override on November 8. This is the same override approved by voters since the 1990s. It provides additional funding for the daily operation of Glendale Union High School District.

Academic Excellence

Support Our Students!

If the current Maintenance and Operation (M and O) Override fails, more than $11million must be cut from the District Budget over the next three years. A loss of this magnitude will require drastic cuts in service.

  • Keep smaller class sizes
  • Ensure current academic programming remains in place
  • Provide competitive salaries to retain and attract teachers and staff
  • Continue instruction for technology, physical education, fine and performing arts, world language, and other electives
  • Promote a safe and healthy school environment

Why is the Election being held?

A school district’s budget is limited by law. Yet school districts may ask voters for direct funding to supplement budget allocations from the Legislature. With approximately 85 percent of the M and O budget used for staff salaries and related benefit costs for the district’s 2,000 employees, community support is necessary to maintain programs or services beyond the basic state standard. For the Glendale Union High School District to continue receiving funding associated with the current M&O override, voters must approve the continuation during an election in November of 2022. While the continuation of the override would not be new to the community, it is still required that voters approve this initiative.